Ordinances 2017

01-03-17   Ord2017-01  Healthcare for Employees, Jeannie Ingles
01-17-17   Ord2017-02   Vacant Property and Building Registration
01-17-17   Ord2017-03   Emergency-Levy for purpose of public safety on ballot May2, 2017
01-17-17   Ord2017-04   Emergency-Setting Appropriations
02-21-17   Ord2017-05   Canaday Care-Healthcare Services
03-07-17   Ord2017-06   Setting Appropriations
03-07-17   Ord2017-07   Transfer and Advance Funds
03-07-17   Ord2017-08   Setting Compensation for Salaried Employees
03-21-17   Ord2017-09   Bids-Chemicals and Quicklime
03-21-17   Ord2017-10   Change Order No 8-WPCF
03-21-17   Ord2017-11   Emergency-City Pool Improvement
03-21-17   Ord2017-12   Emergency-Airport Road Improvement Project
03-21-17   Ord2017-13   Emergency-Setting Appropriations
03-21-17   Ord2017-14   Transfer and Advance Funds
05-02-17   Ord2017-15   Amemding Section 4, Compensation for Salaried Employees
05-23-17   Ord2017-16   Healthcare Services for Holzer Clinic
05-02-17   Ord2017-17   Emergency-Agreement with CT Consultants For Amendment 4 WPCF
05-23-17   Ord2017-18   Utility Service and Code Enforcement Past Due Accounts
05-02-17   Ord2017-19   Emergency-Bids Water/Sewer Supplies
05-23-17   Ord2017-20   Rental Agreement with Pitney Bowes. Inc
05-23-17   Ord2017-21   Application for VOCA Grant Agreement
05-23-17   Ord2017-22   Setting Appropriations
05-23-17   Ord2017-23   Transfer and Advance Funds
06-27-17   Ord2017-24   Emergency-Gallipolis Railroad Exempt from Utility Bills
07-18-17   Ord2017-25   Parking Violation Fines Update
08-01-17   Ord2017-27   Emergency- Agreement with Competitive Retail Electric Provider
08-22-17   Ord2017-28   Emergency-Codified Ordinances Adopting Replacement Pages
08-22-17   Ord2017-29   Emergency- Transfer and Advance Funds
08-22-17   Ord2017-30   Emergency Setting Appropriations