Ordinances 2018

01-23-18 O2018-01 Emergency-Compensation for Appointted Officials-Clerk MC
01-23-18 O2018-02 Emergency- Temporary Appropriations
02-06-18 O2018-03 Adopting 2018 International Property Maintenance Code
02-06-18 O2018-04 Amending Zoning Map
01-23-18 O2018-05 Emergency-Agreement with Gallia Co Health Dept for Primary Care
01-23-18 O2018-06 Emergency Building Permits
02-20-18 O2018-07 Emergency-Cemetery Fees
03-06-18 O2018-08 Setting Appropriations
03-06-18 O2018-09 Transfer and Advance Funds
02-20-18 O2018-10 Emergency-Contract with ODOT for Bridge Inspection Program
03-06-18 O2018-11 Emergency- Bids for Chemical and Quicklime
03-20-18 O2018-12 Emergency-Tamper with Water and Sewer Service
03-20-18 O2018-13 Emergency- Amending 1315.01 Permit - Building
03-20-18 O2018-14 Emergency-921.01 Connection Permit Required-Water
03-20-18 O2018-15 Emergency-Cruzet Avenue and Eastern Avenue - Vacating unnamed alleyway
04-17-18 O2018-16 Emergency-Setting Appropriations
05-15/18 O2018-17 Emergency-Bids Water/Sewer
05-15-18 O2018-18 Emergency-Setting Appropriations
06-05-18 O2018-19 Emergency-Bids for Generator for Water Plant
07-17-18 O2018-21 Term Life Insurance for Employees
07-17-18 O2018-22 Agreement with GASB-34 Local Government Services
07-03-18 O2018-23 Emergency-Setting Appropriations
07-03-18 O2018-24 Emergency-Transfer and Advance Funds
08-21-18 O2018-25 Revise Codified Ordinances - Replacement Pages
08-21-18 O2018-26 Haskins Park and Canaday Park Closing Hours
08-21-18 O2018-27 Emergency-Bids for Paving City Streets
08-21-18 O2018-28 Emergency-Setting Appropriations
08-21-18 O2018-29 Emergency-Transfer and Advance Funds
08-21-18 O2018-30 Emergency-Bids for Restoring Bandstand
09-04-18 O2018-31 Emergency-Agreement for Vision Insurance
09-18-18 O2018-32 Emergency-Amending Section 549.09 Discharging Firearms
09-18-18 O2018-33 Emergency-Establishing Section 1343.08 Res. Structures Exhibiting Persistent Criminal Activity
10-02-18 O2018-34 Emergency-Setting Appropriations
10-02-18 O2018-35 Emergency-PEP General Liability & Property Insurance
11-06-18 O2018-36 Contract w/County for Emergency Management Services
10-16-18 O2018-37 Emergency-VESI Natural Gas Aggregation Program
10-16-18 O2018-38 Emergency-Amending Section D2(b) "Maintenance Employees" of the Salary Ordinance
10-16-18 O2018-39 Emergency-Accepting & Rejecting Bids for Highway Salt, Calcium Chloride, & Cold Mix