Ordinances 2018

01-23-18 O2018-01 Emergency-Compensation for Appointted Officials-Clerk MC
01-23-18 O2018-02 Emergency- Temporary Appropriations
02-06-18 O2018-03 Adopting 2018 International Property Maintenance Code
02-06-18 O2018-04 Amending Zoning Map
01-23-18 O2018-05 Emergency-Agreement with Gallia Co Health Dept for Primary Care
01-23-18 O2018-06 Emergency Building Permits
02-20-18 O2018-07 Emergency-Cemetery Fees
03-06-18 O2018-08 Setting Appropriations
03-06-18 O2018-09 Transfer and Advance Funds
02-20-18 O2018-10 Emergency-Contract with ODOT for Bridge Inspection Program
03-06-18 O2018-11 Emergency- Bids for Chemical and Quicklime