02-04-20 O2020-1-Authorizing City Manager to sign the Deed for Vacant Property on Pine Street
02-04-20 O2020-2-Emergency-Authorizing with City Manager to enter Contract for Equipment and Labor
02-04-20 O2020-3-Emergency-Amending Ordinance NO. O2019-37 Setting Temporary Appropriations
03-03-20 O2020-04-Emergency-Jail Contract w/Washington County Sheriff's Office
03-03-20 O2020-05-Emergency-Amend Temporary Appropriations 
03-17-20 O2020-06-Set 2020 Budget Appropriations for FY Ending 12-31-2020  
03-17-20 O2020-07-Authorizing City Auditor to Transfer or Advance Funds  
03-17-20 O2020-08-Amending Salary Ordinances for Project Engineer & Water Treatment Plant Supervisor
03-03-20 O2020-09-emergency-Amending Codified Ord. 1315.03 Building Permit Fees (Street Cuts)
03-03-20 O2020-10-Emergency-Bids for Chemicals and Quicklime
04-07-20 O2020-11-Emergency-Amending Appropriations
04-21-20 O2020-12-Emergency- Amendin Ordinance O2020-06 Setting Appropriations
04-21-20 O2020-13-Emergency- Setting Compensation for Municipal Employees
05-05-20 O2020-14-The Removal of the Ledgers in the Utility Department on certain past due accounts
05-19-20 O2020-15-Emergency-Bids for Water/Sewer Maintenance supplies, Hydrants & Meters
05-19-20 O2020-16-Emergency-Pledging Compliance with SB310 & CARES Act Requirements for Eligible Expenditures
05-19-20 O2020-17-Emergency-Amending Chapter 377 (Golf Cart Ordinance)
06-02-20 O2020-18-Emergency-Submit & Accept (if awarded) VOCA & SVAA Application for coming year