01-08-19 O2019-01-Emergency-Amending O2017-44, Section C6(i) salaried employees (Utility Office Supervisor)
01-08-19 O2019-02-Emergency- Amending O2017-54: 2019 Temporary appropriations
01-22-19 O2019-03-Emergency-Agreement w/Morrow County for Housing of Prisoners
02-05-19 O2019-04-Amending Sewer Rates for 2019 & 2020 (Special 4% per year)
02-19-19 O2019-05-Emergency-Accepting & Rejecting Bids for Chemicals & Quicklime
03-05-19 O2019-06-Setting Appropriations for FY2019 (Budget)
03-05-19 O2019-07-Authorizing the City Auditor to Transfer or Advance
03-19-19 O2019-08-Setting CM Greene Vacation Accruals to 5 wks/yr
04-02-19 O2019-09-Authorizing CM to Submit CDBG (paving grant) Application
04-16-19 O2019-10- Authorizing CM to enter agreement with the village of Middleport,Ohio for the housing of prisoners
04-16-19 O2019-11- Amending Ordinance NO. O2019-06 Current expenses for the city of Gallipolis,Ohio