Resolution 2018

01-23-18 R2018-01 Emergency-Appreciation to Michael Brown
01-23-18 R2018-02 Emergency-Appreciation to W. Matthew Johnson
01-23-18 R2018-03 Emergency-Appreciation to Roger P Brandeberry
01-02-18 R2018-04 Emergency-New Special Revenue Fund
02-20-18 R2018-05 Emergency Establishment of New Special Revenue Fund Police CPT
03-06-18 R2018-06 Appointing Adam Salisbury Solicictor - Four Year Term
07-03-18 R2018-07 Emergency-Updating Public Funds For Treasury Funds
08-21-18 R2018-08 Emergency-Invest Budget Surplus
09-18-18 R2018-09 Emergency-Appt to District 15 PWIC
09-18-18 R2018-10 Emergency-Naming Assistant Auditor Alternate for Dist. 15 PWIC
10-02-18 R2018-11 Emergency-Submitting applicatin for OPWC