House Arrest Program 


Electronic Monitoring House Arrest (EMHA) is an intermediate sanction that uses radio frequency/GPS and computer technology to assist officers with offender control by way of twenty-four hour monitoring and immediate response to violations throughout the state.


BT active PageThe offender is fitted with a continuous signaling radio frequency or GPS transmitter affixed to the ankle. The offender must wear the transmitter for the entire period of EMHA supervision. The transmitter is a battery operated, waterproof, non-shocking, tamper detecting device that does not prohibit or restrict usual activity and hygiene. Additionally, the offender is assigned a Home Monitoring Receiver Unit (HMRU). This unit is placed in the offender’s residence, connected to the telephone line and to an AC power source. The HMRU receives the transmitter’s signal within a defined radius, the offenders residence. By way of the telephone line, the HMRU reports the presence or absence of the transmitter signal and equipment performance to the host computer at the EMHA Reporting Center.


The Home Monitoring Receiver Unit (HMRU) has an internal backup power source along with microprocessor memory capacity as a safeguard for power and telephone line failures. Offender absences and returns,BluHome tampers, system tests, power and line failures are some of the messages reported by the equipment. Each time the HMRU calls the host computer, only a few seconds of actual telephone line time is required.


Target Population

Offenders must be ordered to EMHA by the Court.  Offenders must sign an agreement that states the requirements of EMHA supervision as well as accept responsibility for the electronic equipment.


House Arrest cost.

$10.00 daily.

$50.00 Hook up fee.