Mediation Program 


Filing suit may not be the best solution in all cases.  Most disputes which reach the court could have been settled more quickly and easily through better communication.  Mediation is a process in which a third party promotes and facilitates communication between the parties to help them resolve their differences. 


Mediation not only saves time and resources, but also, often results in a disposition which the parties have made themselves - one they have deemed most fair under the circumstances, and one which is more likely to be adhered to than a court imposed judgment. 


If the dispute is not settled in this manner, the claimant (the party initiating the mediation) has lost nothing as he may still file a civil action.  If the matter is settled, the inconvenience of a full scale trial for claimant, respondent, and both sides’ witnesses is avoided.  Both sides win through the mediation process.  Neither side risks the loss of having the judge decide against them, both save the expense of court costs, the cost of gathering evidence, and possibly attorney fees.


Mediations are scheduled through the municipal court at no cost to either party.  As a final reminder, if the matter is settled now, the parties will have the satisfaction of having solved their own problem without regard as to who won or lost.  All involved will be winners. 



How to begin the mediation process?

 - Complete the Mediation Intake Form   (Located in court forms)

 - Return form to Court (mail, fax or hand deliver)

 - Court staff will contact you with mediation date/time