Probation Most Wanted


The following individuals are wanted by the Gallipolis Municipal Court Adult Probation Department for violating conditions of their probation.  Do NOT attempt to apprehend any of these individuals. Call your local law enforcement agency or 911. If you have any information regarding thewhereabouts of any of these individuals, or another wanted individual, please contact the Gallipolis Municipal Court Adult Probation Department at 740-446-9400. You may remain anonymous and all information received will be kept strictly confidential.


While we attempt to keep this page updated with as accurate information as possible, arrests, incidents, and other unforeseen events happen without notice. Because of this, there may be a delay in updating this page following apprehensions or other unforeseen events. The most accurate data is always provided at the time of telephone contact and should be relied upon as most accurate.






katherine george   Last Name:  George


   First Name:  Katherine


   D.O.B: 07/01/1993


   Charge: Theft







mark brown


   Last Name:  Brown


   First Name:  Mark


   D.O.B: 03/06/1964


   Charge: Violation of T.P.O.








mccartney   Last Name:  Mccartney


   First Name:  Catherine


   D.O.B: 05/01/1966


   Charge:  Domestic Violence











scott white   Last Name:  White


   First Name:  Scott


   D.O.B: 01/07/1984


   Charge: Probation Violation







 trent stover  Last Name:  Stover


   First Name:  Trent


   D.O.B: 10/13/1979


   Charge: Assault





brandice kingsley  Last Name:  Kingsley


   First Name:  Brandice


   D.O.B: 04/08/1989


   Charge: Theft






randell kline  Last Name:  Kline


   First Name:  Randell


   D.O.B: 03/06/1972


   Charge: Theft