1. You shall refrain from violation of any law (Federal, State and local). Any infraction may result in a community control violation wherein original jail time may be imposed. You shall contact your probation officer within 2 days if arrested or questioned by law enforcement.


2. You must keep your probation officer informed of your address at all times. Failure to notify your probation officer within 7 days of moving may result in a community control violation.


3. You shall work regularly at a lawful occupation and support your legal dependents, if any, to the best of your ability. When out of work or changing employers, you shall notify your community control officer within 7 days.


4. You shall treat all probation and court personnel with respect. You shall follow all probation personnel instructions.


5. You shall not be under the influence of or consume or possess alcohol, drugs or any substance of abuse, or any substance that will induce intoxication or similar physiological effects or be found in any establishment where alcohol is sold and consumed.


6. You shall not possess, use, sell, distribute, or have under your control any narcotic drugs, barbiturates, marijuana, or any scheduled substance as defined in the Ohio Revised Code or instruments for administering them except on prescription of licensed physician, and taken in accordance with said prescription.


7. You shall consent to a search without a warrant of your person, vehicle or place of residence by any probation officer or law enforcement officer with or without probable cause while on community control.


8. On demand of the probation officer or law enforcement officer, you shall submit a sample of blood, breath or urine at any time. Refusal to submit or the presence of a controlled substance or alcohol shall be considered a violation. Any positive drug screen will result in a $25.00 dollar drug testing fee.


9. You shall successfully complete and provide proof of completion of any program to which you are ordered.


10. You shall make monthly payments toward your fines, court cost and restitution as ordered by the court. Failure to make monthly payments on fines, court costs and restitution may result in a community control violation.


11. You shall report in person to the probation officer where and when instructed.


12. You shall not purchase, own, possess or have under your control any firearm, deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance or ammunition.


13. You may not move outside the State of Ohio without permission from the probation department. Defendants must notify the probation department 45 days prior to moving outside the State of Ohio. Failure to notify the probation department within 45 days prior to moving may result in a community control violation.